Thursday, August 02, 2007

Paola Bianchi

The next Italian listed in our phone book is Paola Bianchi. She too responded in 1996, when I made the memory book for our 10th anniversary. Here is the picture she sent me of herself in 1996. I can't find any pictures of her among the campo ones I have. Here are the comments she made in the memory book: " I can't forget all the people. For me it is more difficult because I lve clost to the places we visited together during the camo. So, every time I go to Florence, Pisa or meet Dr. Grandi, he lives near my house, I can't stop thinking about those wonderful days. I hope everyone is well, happy and healthy." 10 years ago she was a law student in Pisa. I haven't found her on the Web yet. Anyone have any stories about Paola?