Saturday, February 03, 2007

Italy -- Francesco Carpena

The male camp leader, the one who took care of us, answered our questions and most importantly WOKE us UP in the morning, was Francesco Carpena. A native of Bagnone, Francesco, he did a great job. Yes, waking up to the blaring sound of Dallas' Theme song or to 2001 Space Odyssey, was not fun, but it worked. We often went to bed so late and had to be up in the morning to go on a trip. Francesco is a very talented musician. He teaches and also plays in bands. He was in Vienna a few years ago for a gig and
we were able to see him again. His hair is a bit shorter but he has not changed much. He lived in England for a time as well. He travels to play at various events. He was in Hungary in the Fall. He recently sent me a link to his new page or to and to to read the latest news and hear some of his work.

Here are a few pictures of Francesco from our Campo days.

Friday, February 02, 2007

getting ready - INFO OVERLOAD

We got several letters from Italy before we left. All from Bruno Grandi.

Here are the letters:

Dear Lion Friend,
I have your letter dated 15 May '86 and I can confirm that all four young ladies have been accepted to attend the summer Camp in Bagnone.

I arranged for them to stay two weeks with Italian families after the Camp, and I look forward to receiving their trip schedules.

I also enclose the instructions sheets which please make copies for each of them.

Thank you for your good cooperation.
Yours in Lionism
Bruno Grandi

The next letter
On behalf of the Italian Lions Clubs, the organizing Committee of this International Youth Camp is pleased to receive you, young guests who come from all over the world and bids you the most hearty welcome in Bagnone.

It will be our task to offer you the most open and sincere meeting possible so that a better understanding among you youths, participating in this Camp Italy, permits that new friendly ties may be strengthened, in the interest of the whole world.

However, for gaining such success, everyone, whatever his origin, must give his personal contribution of open-mindedness, enthusiasm, friendliness and desire to know each other.
What we expect from you is that you take part in all activities and that you take back to your home countries the ideas on which the Camp is based. Therefore, the Organization is very happy to welcome you to the 17th "Youth Camp Italy". Thanks to be with us to meet the world in Italy!

Next letter:
Dear Young Friend,
The organization committee is very pleased to inform you that your application to the "Youth Camp Italy 1986" has been accepted. The Camp will start on July th 4th (Friday) and you should arrive at "Villafranca-Bagnone" railway station possibly within 8 pm of the same day.

We send two riders:
the first is the "trip schedule" which states your trip programme and arrival times which you are kindly requested to return as soon as possible" the second is a little bundle containing all the information and recommendations we thought useful, including the programme of the Camp, too. Don't forget it at home!

With all the information you have received, please arrange a "telephone schedule" for your parents, so that they can call you.
During your trip, for any emergency. please cal the following number:
area codde 0187 phone no. 496448

And again you are kindly requested to return the enclosed "voyage slip" to Bruno Grandi.

We wish you a safe trip and are looking forward to seeing you at the Camp.
Yours in Lionism
Bruno Grandi

Next one:
Practical Information
address of the Camp:
XVII Youth Camp Italy
54021 Bagnone (MS) Italy

The staff for the camp: The organization of the Camp is led by the Chief of the Camp who is a Lion. He is helped in his work by the staff members, every staff member has his own job.

It is possible to received calls during the meals when we are at the camp bu it is not allowed to call. the number is 0187/496448. Before 0187 prefix number of Italy. If you want to phone, you are pleased to ask at the secretary's office.

Money Exchange:
If you want to change your money you are pleased to apply to the staff member employed.

If you need a particular diet, you are pleased to inform the staff member employed.

Meals time-table:
Breakfast 8,00
Lunch 12, 30
Dinner 19, 45

For any kind of problems or for anything you may need you can apply to the staff members.

Next letter

1 How... reach Bagnone. Bagnone can be reached by car (going out of Leghorn-Parma A15 motorway at Aulla or Pontremoli toll station) or by train on La Spezia - Parma railway line. Getting off at the station of "Villafranca-Bagnone" which is a few kilometers far from Bagnone.

La Spezia is situated on the route: Genoa-Pisa-Rome. In the case you arrive in Italy by plane, you should land either in Genoa (or Milan) or Pisa (or Rome) for reaching La Spezia by train and then Villa franca, where (at last) some staff memeber will be waiting for you. If you have indicated in the voyage schedule a correct arrival time. Otherwise from "villafranca station" call Camp Italy. (no. 496448).

2. What..... bring in your luggage.
The area of the Camp has an average temperature of 23 C. You have to carry along sportswear (swimming, tennis, soccer, gym activities, excursions etc) and a formal suit for official meetings. If you wish you can bring musical instruments or anything else you are interested in. You have to prepare a short outline of your country (geographical details demographic, political, social, cultrual, industria, etc) and if it is possible with photos, slides and films. You can in this way, show the other participants the features of your country.

3.) it's......
.......necessary that you bring along your medical and/or hospitialzation insurance policy or certification, in case of any emergency. If you come from a country belonging to CEE or associate (France, Belgium, Holland, West Germany, Luxemburg, England, Denmark, Austria, Greece) It is sufficient for you to bring along the form. Please do not forget that the trip expenses, including those to reach the host family hosting you, are on your account or of the club or district sponsoring you.