Saturday, February 03, 2007

Italy -- Francesco Carpena

The male camp leader, the one who took care of us, answered our questions and most importantly WOKE us UP in the morning, was Francesco Carpena. A native of Bagnone, Francesco, he did a great job. Yes, waking up to the blaring sound of Dallas' Theme song or to 2001 Space Odyssey, was not fun, but it worked. We often went to bed so late and had to be up in the morning to go on a trip. Francesco is a very talented musician. He teaches and also plays in bands. He was in Vienna a few years ago for a gig and
we were able to see him again. His hair is a bit shorter but he has not changed much. He lived in England for a time as well. He travels to play at various events. He was in Hungary in the Fall. He recently sent me a link to his new page or to and to to read the latest news and hear some of his work.

Here are a few pictures of Francesco from our Campo days.

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