Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lazy day July 27th 1986

Here is my journal entry for that day: ."We just layed around in the sun today. We ate pizza at our usual place in town. Just Sandy and me. We took a long nap and were very hungry. We had dinner at home today There was a regatta on the lake and we watched it from our garden there. There were about 20 very long row boats. I read a bit after dinner and went to bed. We are going to Venice tomorrow and need our rest. "

Guido Völker -- Hannover, Germany

Guido. What can I say?He was one of the fabulous 5 who went to find Ulf, he was the instigator of the Toga Party ) and he has been a great help with this blog. He and I have keep in contact off and on over the years. It is a bit easier now that I can write German (only a little and very badly.) But that is more than before. He still lives in Hannover and just got married to a very lovely lady named Olga. He travels a lot and has wonderful pictures on his web site. Guido can I post your web site here?
I will and if you don't want it posted then let me know and I will remove it, ok? There you can see the entire wedding photo album. Baci Guido!

july 26th 1986

Sandy and I walked down the steep hill into town to mail some letters. We stopped at cafe Moro again (the place I was able to use the telephone yesterday). Some of the people in the cafe started to talk to us, just curious as to where we were from. When I said I from the USA their eyes lit up (the prices probably went up too). Sandy and I ordered Cokes and sat outside. One of the guys from the pub sat down with us and started talking. His name was Ornato or Armando. Cute! What eyes!!! Anyway, I held my first full length solo Italian conversation. Yea! John DeGregorio our Italian tutor would be proud. We went home and I made some lunch for us. I made spaghetti. Tonight we would got to Darsena again. Vittoria, Enso, Amadeo and Tarchizio would be there. They wanted to take us out on a boat but it never happened. We did go to Amadeo's house that afternoon to swim. I got to ride from the restaurant to his house in his black Porsche Targa. It was like sitting on a lawn mower. So loud! We swam and they threw us in. It ws lots of fun. We all drove to a restaurant that was far into the countryside. It was a place that specialized in chicken. It was very rustic. We had fried chicken, polenta. There were little birds with their heads and everything but I did not eat one. After dinner we drove to Enzo's house. I drove with Tarchizio in his white BMW. He drove like crazy. We found out later that he is a race car driver. It was scary! At Enzo's we had ice cream and sparkling wine (spumanti). They are big flirts but lots of fun.

Sheila Scholtyssek --Germany

The next person in the phone book is Sheila from Hannover, Germany. There were three at the camp from this city. Sheila was the first person to greet us, the 4 girls from St. Louis.

She was very friendly with us and we did keep in touch for a while. About 10 years ago she sent me an annoucement that she was getting married. Unfortunately we lost touch. I am sending a post card to her parents in hopes of finding her again.

Does everyone remember Sheila? She was great! She really took care of us those first days and showed us all around.