Friday, April 28, 2006

Pictures from Nikki Cooper (England) --The Show!

Here are some pictures of the Show taken by Nikki Cooper (England). In the first one it shows two pick-pockets greeting each other. That is Resat (Turkey) and Antonio (Italy).

Then who can forget the striptease that the 4 boys did. Pictured here from left to right is Marius (Norway), Peter (Austria), he is wearing my gold skirt by the way!, Leslie (USA) and Stephen (Ireland). Here are two good views of them. Then comes Resat(Turkey) and Alain (France) performing a funny skit about a man in a public toilet who has no hands. It gives a new meaning to giving a helping hand!

Here is Beth (USA) in yellow singing with Francesco (Italy). I don't remembe what she sang. Then the last picture is of the group of Italians performing the "Campo Italia Blues". That is Francesco with the guitar. Remember that you can click on pictures to enlarge them. Thanks for the pictures Nikki!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

July 13, 1986 -- The Show!

Here is my journal entry from that day: "Sunday the 13th of July 1986. Today was very hot. We tried to get a tan. Later we played frisbee football. I met my host family today. They seemed very nice, a husband and wife. They are supposed to have a daughter around my age. They are going to take 2 people and decided on Sandra (Canada) and me. I wonder how they decided? Tonight we had a sort of talent show. It was very funny. Francesco, our camp leader,along with a group of Italians, did a song they created called Campo Italia Blues. Alain (France), Richard (Resat, actually. From Turkey) and Antonio (Italy) did a very funny skit about greetings in different languages. One they pretended to be dogs greeting each other, then one was a man with no arms who needed to piss. He had to ask someone for help. It was very funny. Then Peter (Austria), Leslie (USA), Stephen (Ireland) and Marius (Norway) dressed like women and did a striptease for us. It was fantastic." Here are a few photos that I have from that show.

I can't remember what else was done. I think Beth (USA) read a poem she wrote or sang, does anyone remember anything else that was performed? Help! It is terrible that one's memory starts to fade.

The show was such a blast. It was great fun. I know that the people who participated practiced a lot and it was worth it. The boys who did the striptease... what can I say...they were fantastic! Anyone make a career of it? In Las Vegas, maybe? Let me know. Actually, I know where all of the four are, except for Stephen but I have his address and will keep you posted. No professional strippers among them so far. I can't speak for their private life, however. :-)

I don't know how the families were picked. I never met mine until the day they came to camp and told me that I would be staying with them. I know that the non-European kids stayed two weeks after the camp and the Europeans stayed only one more. Francesco and Elena, the two Italian counselors of the camp, took several kids home with them. They are very kind.

Last Girl from Denmark -- Liselotte Borch

Ok, This is the last of the 4 Danish girls. The next person in my book is Liselotte Borch from Fredensborg, Denmark. Here are a few pictures of her. One at the beach of the animal reservation. She is standing with Joao from Portugal.The other picture she is sitting with Miguel, Joao's brother. I don't have many photos. She was not very tall but very lovely with long thick blond hair. Again, I am sorry not to have much to say about her. It has been 20 years. I don't have any stories to tell. I know she was kind and that's about all. I hope someone has a story about Liselotte we can publish. Email me. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

July 12th, 1986

This was one of those days that we did not have things planned for us. Here is my journal entry for that day. " I walked very far into the mountains today with Annie (France) and Alain (France). We got a little lost and so followed a tacktor that was pulling lumber back down the mountain. We ended up in a different town. The houses and paths we took all had very strong smells. I don't know how to describe them--like being in the country. We found a source to drink, it was like a fountain made from a pipe. Tommy and Tommy were gone most of the day. We thought they went to Venice but instead they found their way to La Spezia. The rest of the day we spent rehersing for the talent show we would have. Richard (Turkey), Alain (France) and Antonio (Itlay) were going to do something together. Some kind of a skit. Later went to Ponte Vecchio Restaurant again to drink and eat pizza."

I am not sure that the others did that day. They probably went to the river to swim and hang out. Rolf from the Netherlands sent me some pictures of the river. I will post them here. I only went there once but it looks like it was THE popular spot to go. Rolf, thanks for the pictures of the river, waterfall and group shot at Ponte Vecchio.

3rd Danish Girl-- Helle Lindkuist Jensen

Helle from Glamsbjerg Fyn, Denmark. Like the other Danish girls, she was very fun, friendly and fair-haired. I have almost no pictures of her. The two I am posting here close-ups taken from a larger group photo. I did not speak with Helle much during the camp and I have not had any contact with her since. I have tried to contact her recently by sending a post card to the address in the phone book provided by the camp. Does anyone have any info to share about Helle?