Thursday, May 03, 2007

Il Gabinetto!

One of the biggest culture shocks was the bathroom. Americans spend so much time and money on elaborate bathrooms that some of the ones in Italy were absolutely scary. The worst ones are those porcelain sewer covers in the floor. You have indentations for your feet and then a string to pull when you are done. Here is a very clean one I photographed in a bar in Rovereto and the other comes to us via Nikki. It is from La Spezia I think. These are still very common. The bathroom in La Spezia that was co-ed was quite a shocker too. Men and women in the same bathroom. I think you would be arrested for that in the USA. It is great that we were able to experience so many new things. As sheltered young people, we really expanded our outlook on life, even through something as simple as a toilet.

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