Friday, May 04, 2007

What's the name of the game?! Thumper

Ok, if I say the next few words and you don't know the answer, either 1) you drank way too much and have no brain cells left, or 2). You never went to the bar while at the camp. Actually we even played it in the camp so this should really be the anthem of the 1986 campo italia.

What's the name of the game?


Why do you play?

To get fucked up!

Here are the rules of how to play in case you forgot.

You need: people and drinks

First everyone must think of a hand gesture. That is your "sign". Go once around the group and everyone demonstrates their sign. It can be anything you want, but it should be simple and fast to do. Then one person starts the round. Everyone drums on the table or ground with their hands throughout the whole game. The leader says "what's the name of the game?" continue drumming and yell "thumper". The leader then says, "Why do you play?" and the group yells back "To get fucked up." Once that is said, the leader makes his own gesture and then the gesture of one of the other players. The person whose sign was made must then make his own gesture and then someone elses. If you make a mistake, you have to drink and then you are the leader. Remember first make your own sign then someone elses.

I don't know who started this, Leslie (USA) was it you?You are right there in the picture, explaining it all! Gottcha! Anyway, it was a big hit at the Ponte Vecchio bar/pizzeria. We had the owners playing and I think we got a lot of free food/beverages because of this game.

Guido (Germnay) was nice enough to supply some pictures of people playing Thumper at the Ponte Vecchio bar. Great shots, Guido. Thanks. Anyone have any Thumper stories? Or Thumper pictures. post them here please!

Cin cin! Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


LESLIE (USA) infamously known as LESLO! said...

WOW! Those pictures REALLY bring back some GREAT memories!! LOL!! I cannot take credit for introducing the game to the campers. I think it was the shorter Tommy but it could have been the taller Tommy too... AWESOME GAME... I have not played that game since college, but in honor of the Campo Italia spirit - I shall introduce the game to my people TONIGHT at happy hour here in Washington, D.C.!!! LOL Godspeed... and thanks for the memories!!

Guido (Germany) said...

Hi Leslie,
thank you and the other americans for this great game. We have had so much fun!
But wasn´t the starting of the game like this:
What´s the name of the game - Thumpers
How do you play it - Fast as Hell
Why do you play it - to get fucked up

YAMW said...

Hi Guido. Thanks for the comment. You are right. But I think that there are lots of different versions of the game. The way you said it is the way I played it too. Does Olga know the game? We will definitely play it at the reunion in 2011. I'm planning on it.

Guido (Germany) said...

I think Olga doesn´t know the game. I haven´t played it for such al long time. Would be great to do this in 2011 again ;-))